9918MA - 5 piece Metric Full Polished V-Groove Combination Wrench Set

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  • Radius V-Groove design creates an anti-slip and prevents rounding of the fastener.
  • Box end is offset by 15 degrees to provide clearance for your fingers and other obstructions near the fastener.
  • Fully polished to eliminate oil and grease build up.
  • Radius Corners to grip the flat sides of the fastener head instead of the corner to prevent round-off.
  • Chamfered box end allows for fast and easy guidance onto fasteners.
  • Set comes with a durable canvas pouch for easy storage and transportation.

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Lifetime Warranty
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Lifetime Warranty

Set Includes

20mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991820MA), 21mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991821MA), 22mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991822MA), 23mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991823MA), 24mm Ful


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