3/8″ Dr. 12 Pt. 29 Pc

3330 - 29 Pcs 3/8″ Dr. 12Pt Metric Impact Socket Set


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MODEL: 3330
  • CR-MO alloy steel for long life
  • Heavy duty blow molded storage case
  • 12 point sockets offer double the starting points as 6 point sockets

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Set Includes

3/8″DR 8MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(308MZ), 3/8″DR 9MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(309MZ), 3/8″DR10MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(310MZ), 3/8″DR11MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(311MZ), 3/8″DR12MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(312MZ), 3/8″DR13MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(313MZ), 3/8″DR14MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(314MZ), 3/8″DR15MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(315MZ), 3/8″DR16MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(316MZ), 3/8″DR17MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(317MZ), 3/8″DR18MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(318MZ), 3/8″DR19MM 12PT MTR STD IMP SC(319MZ), 3/8″ Dr 21mm 12 Point Impact Socket(321ZM), 3/8″ Dr. 21mm 12pt Deep Impact Socket(321ZMD), 3/8″ Dr 22mm 12 Point Impact Socket(322ZM), 22mm 12pt Deep Impact Socket(322ZMD), 3/8″ Dr. Universal Impact Joint(3301), 3/8″ Dr. 8mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368208), 3/8″ Dr. 9mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368209), 3/8″ Dr. 10mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368210), 3/8″ Dr. 11mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368211), 3/8″ Dr. 12mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368212), 3/8″ Dr. 13mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368213), 3/8″ Dr. 14mm 12 Pt Deep Impact Socket(368214), 3/8″ Dr. 15mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368215), 3/8″ Dr. 16mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368216), 3/8″ Dr. 17mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368217), 3/8″ Dr. 18mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368218), 3/8″ Dr. 19mm 12-Point Deep Impact Socket(368219),


Lifetime Warranty



Drive Size


Dimensions 13 x 8.2 x 2.2 in
Weight 8.3 lbs


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